William Gilbert Guitars


Placing an order is a multi-step process. There are several questions to ask: Here is what I want, can we build it? If modifications are needed or suggested, what can we build? How much will that cost? What is the delivery time?

We first discuss what you are looking for along with any special characteristics that you would like to have. (Here is what I want)

We then discuss what I can do to achieve that goal or what modifications are necessary (What can we build) I have some guidelines listed below.

I accommodate (within reason)on my “standard” instruments requests for variances in a few physical characteristics like neck shape and size, and string spacing. I say within reason, because there might be requests which would compromise the structural integrity of the instrument. I want a customer to have confidence that the instrument he or she receives will be of the same quality of sound, playability and durability, and I won’t accommodate a request if I really think it is going to compromise the instrument. For more extensive changes, see Custom Designs

We then look at the cost. I will hold a quoted price for 3 months. I will hold the price on an order that has been placed without a deposit for 1 year, reserving the right to increase the price. If a (non-refundable) deposit of 10% of the quoted price is received. I will hold the price until delivery.

I try to hold to my delivery times, but extensions are not uncommon. I will give priority to orders with a deposit. If on an order with a deposit, I exceed my maximum delivery estimate, I will reduce the total cost by 10%. The current wait time is about 8 Months to 1 Year