William Gilbert Guitars

Welcome to the website for William Gilbert Guitars

I am the builder of Gilbert classical guitars. I have continued the work that my father, John Gilbert, began over 40 years ago. This site seeks to provide helpful, accurate information regarding Gilbert guitars from the builder.

If you would like more information on what kinds of instruments I build, please go to “What I Build.” You will find a description of the various types of instruments I build, information on the materials used, and a discussion of the sound of the instruments.

I also have a broad discussion of the foundational ideas behind Gilbert guitars in the articles entitled “My Philosophy” I consider the purpose of an instrument and the priorities of design and construction that work toward achieving the overall result.

If you are wondering how I learned to be a guitarmaker, or luthier, by my dad, John Gilbert (and later history) look at “About Me.”

On the “Photos” page, you will find pictures of 6, 7, and 8 string instruments.

If you have a question about my guitars or John Gilbert’s guitars please go to my “Contact Me” page and I will try to respond within a short time.

If you are interested in ordering an instrument, the contact page is the best spot to let me know. My production is slow, and I do have a waiting list, so there is a wait. I respond individually to inquiries in order to give the most current time frame. I do appreciate your interest in the guitars that I make.